Internet Restored in Egypt

Breaking: The Next Web is reporting that Internet service has been restored in the troubled land of Egypt.

It's still unclear if the major service providers decided to enable the service, or if the government had requested it.

Twitter lit up with Egyptians stating that they are once again connected to the outside world, and it's unclear if the government bowed to pressure or enabled the service to allow the military to call on the protesters to return to their homes via loudspeakers and mobile messages, fueling the theory that the service was restored to get people to go back to their homes.

Not only has the Internet service been restored, but mobile and Blackberry services are also shown to be working again.

Twitter itself still appears to be blocked, forcing users to bypass governmental control by using proxy services to communicate with the social connector service.

Update: According to Sir Ali, an Egyptian Neowin member, Twitter and other social media services are no longer blocked. You can follow the discussion here on Twitter.

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