Introducing Movie Creator: Microsoft's must-have video editor for Windows 8.1 & Windows Phone

Windows Phone and Windows 8 have both suffered from a similar problem: neither platform has a good application for users to create & edit video content that is free and native. That has changed with the introduction of the new Movie Creator application from Microsoft, a video creation tool that is both free and easy to use for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.1.

The application is currently in its beta stage but is available for download right now from the Windows Stores. For first-time users, Microsoft includes a nifty beginners tutorial that guides you through the process of creating a video on your device from start to finish. Even without the tutorial, the application is exceptionally simple to use. I was able to create a simple stitching of picture and video content from my own Lumia 1020 with a basic theme and music in just a couple of minutes.

Within Movie Creator are unique features for picking content to edit. Selecting footage allows you to sort by your "videos" and "photos" as you'd expect, but the third option, "places", is a clever sorting method that will let you choose content based on where you were when you took the photo/video (as long as your camera records geographical information upon content capture).

The other excellent feature within Movie Creator is the ability to select themes for your video. Like the Xbox One application, Upload Studio, stylized filters or animations can be used to give your movie professional-looking animations and clip transitions. Make your movie look like an old film with the "antique" filter, or interchange videos with freeze-frames to make your movie look like a popular sitcom title theme.

Movie Creator doesn't replace a power user program like Adobe Premiere, but if you own a Windows/Windows Phone 8.1 device and have wanted a simple-to-use movie creator that's free, you owe it to yourself to give Movie Creator a try. Should you be wanting additional themes to stylize your movies, Microsoft already populated its "Themes Store", a content expansion section within the application itself that includes plenty of free theme options for users to explore and download.

Source: Microsoft

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