iOS controls 65 percent of mobile OS market on Internet

Apple's iOS mobile operating system is gaining market share at the expense of Java ME, BlackBerry and Symbian, according to a recent report. The operating system now accounts for 65 percent of all mobile (including both phones and tablets, as well as Apple's iPod and other Web-enabled mobile devices) Web browsing. 

In June last year, Apple had 52.41 percent of the mobile operating system market; now it has 65.27 percent as of last month, according to statistics from Net Applications. Android, by comparison, has grown from 14.31 percent to 19.73 percent over the same period of time. Both BlackBerry and Symbian have seen their market shares steadily decline over the course of the past year. Java ME has seen the largest dropoff in mobile operating system usage, going from 22.37 percent in June 2011 to 10.22 percent last month.

While the news is great for Apple and Google, Microsoft's mobile offerings haven't made much of a dent in usage. Other mobile operating systems, including Windows Phone and Windows Mobile, have grown from just 0.73 percent to 1.42 percent from June last year to June this year. 

As pointed out by Lance Whitney of CNET News, Net Applications uses Internet data to compile its results, which may result in skewed information (especially given Android runs on some feature phone devices; these devices can sometimes be purchased without mobile data contracts). The company gathers its data from a collection of 40,000 sites; the company collects only unique users and limits those results to one unique visit per day to each site. 

Via: CNET News
Source: Net Applications

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