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iPhone 3GS satisfaction rate at 99 percent

Apple's not been too great in the eyes of the public, as of late. Many (still, and fairly) have complaints about their App Store, due to the approval process, and many U.S. iPhone users have complaints about missing features (such as Tethering and MMS). With all this complaining, it would be safe to assume that consumers aren't too pleased with their purchases; alas, AppleInsider has reported that it's quite the opposite... the most recent product of the company, the iPhone 3GS, has a fairly impressive 99% success rate (of those that were surveyed).

The report came from RBC Capital Markets, and shows the most liked (and disliked) features of the phone. Of the 200 respondents, the biggest issue with the device was the AT&T network, with 55 percent choosing that option. After that, 41 percent stated that the battery life was too short, and then apparently 8 percent complained that their I.T. department at work didn't support it. On the flip-side, it was the touchscreen that was most loved, with 45 percent of the votes. Following up on that in ranking was the ease of use, and then "faster Web browsing."

According to the study, "iPhone 3GS owners are a highly satisfied group, strongly loyal to Apple, and that Apple innovation (touchscreen, software UI, applications) is what continues to lure new buyers to its smartphones. The benefits to Apple for achieving this premium customer satisfaction include: strong pricing power, high customer lifetime value, powerful, inexpensive viral marketing (recommend to others), increased carrier channel leverage, indirect benefits to Apple's other businesses (e.g. Macs)." If you own an iPhone 3GS, how are you finding it so far?

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