Is Microsoft Office 2007 outselling Windows Vista?

Mary Jo Foley is speculating that sales of Office 2007 may be outpacing sales of Windows Vista. According to Microsoft's July Vista sales pronouncement, the software giant had sold 60 million copies of Vista. Although the Office team hasn't been talking sales figures since the simultaneous launch of the two products, according to information shared during a recent briefing with certain members of the French tech press, Microsoft allegedly has sold 70 million copies of Office 2007 to date. A Microsoft spokesperson noted: "It's not our policy to confirm the license figures." Assuming the numbers are correct, and Microsoft hasn't denied them, Office 2007 may be outselling Vista or at the very least, keeping up.

Are there any Neowinians out there who skipped Vista but couldn't resist an upgrade to the latest version of Microsoft Office?

News source: Mary Jo Foley's Blog

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