iTunes 11 to receive visual overhaul?

According to a series of rumors online, Apple's media player could be in line for a new interface revamp. The rumor originated from the iDownload Blog, and suggests that Apple is working on a new interface for its media player, which is its most well known piece of software.

According to the iDownload Blog's sources, the new interface will be more clean and "slick". In addition, Apple's recently announced iCloud will be tightly integrated with the software, as will the iTunes Store. At present the iTunes Store acts as a web browser embedded with in the program, and with iTunes 11 it suggests that it will handle more like the search feature in Spotify. Backups from iCloud could also be integrated into iTunes, assuming the rumors are correct. This means that a backup of an iDevice could be made to iCloud and then downloaded to your computer to keep a permanent backup (which will likely aid the jailbreaking community). App data is also apparently tied closely with iCloud and the iTunes Store, meaning that a completed level in Angry Birds​ will be communicated to iCloud and then to iTunes, and storing your progress in the game. 

Boy Genius Report also claims that iBooks could be more closely tied in with iTunes - previously it was only a method of downloading the books. According to BGR it will become a platform to read books on as well. With the current system the books can be downloaded to iTunes but have to be synced to an iDevice in order to be read. This is strengthened by the rumor that Apple is considering purchasing Barnes & Noble. If this was proven to be correct, Apple would be able to fold the Barnes & Noble library into iBooks, and either continue to retain the Nook e-reader, or discontinue it depending on their business plans.

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