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Just Another Jabber Client

Just Another Jabber Client (JAJC) is a ICQ-like Jabber  client designed to run in any Windows (32 bit) environment. Jabber is an open source instant messaging architechture being built on top of XML. Jabber clients have the capability to communicate with users of other instant messaging systems (AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, etc..) as well as other communication systems like IRC.

JAJC Features include:

* Unicode in messages, chat, groupchat & roster
* Chat
* Conferencing
* User search
* Black list
* File transfers
* Avatars
* PGP support (PGP v6.5.x - v8.0.0)
* Native IMs icons
* Bookmarks
* Smiles and URL detection in messages, chats and conferences
* Jabber browsing
* Proxy support (S4, S4a, S5 & HTTP)
* Notes (aka Sticky notes)
* Custom presences
* Notification's pop ups
* SSL support
* and much more...

What's new in JAJC

[-] Minor fixes in group chat
[-] Some minor bugs at group chat window
[-] Minor vCard problem
[-] Minor problem with response to jabber:iq:version
[-] Some problems with "Clear all unreaded messages" menu item
[?] Ad-Hoc commands (JEP-0050)
[-] Some problems with delayed messages
[-] Fixed some problems in SSL code
[+] Updates/improvements in group chat window
[+] Flood warning message in group chat window
[+] Some changes at vCard and authorization request window
[-] Some problems with ASpell
[-] Fixed trouble in comments window
[!] Data form now just close when pressing "Cancel" instead of sending jabber:data/cancel
[+] New hotkey: Show unreaded message
[+] Changed priority values for default statuses
[-] Some fixes in bookmarks window
[-] Some problems with .jisp files
[?] Added vCard photos and logos format recognition
[-] Minor vCard problems with photos and logos
[+] Task bar button flashing is optional now
[+] Many updates/improvements in group chat window
[+] Character counter in chat window
[-] Some fixes in skin tune window
[-] Some fixes with Tabs
[-] Incorrect gateway unregistration
[+] Minor logo changes
[-] Minor fixes in URL recognition
[+] Improvements in XML console
[-] Some fixes in positions & sizes storage
[-] Minor fixes in browser
[-] Some problems with account changing
[+] Subject preservation on reply/forwarding
[+] New menu item: "userRMB->Presence->Send 'subscribed' presence"
[?] Minor changes in subscription algorithm
[-] Incorrect time of delayed messages during daylight savings time
[-] Some problems with browser and 'jabber:data'
[+] Improvements in wizard
[!] New developers

Download: JAJC
Screenshot: >> Click here <<
Link: JAJC Home Page

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