jv16 PowerTools 2007 RC1

JV16 PowerTools is amazing set of tools to help you fix, repair, optimize and tune up your computer easier than ever! Does your computer seem to get slower day by day? Are you experiencing any computer problems such as crashes? jv16 PowerTools is the solution, try it now for free!

Main Tools:

* Software Manager
* Startup Manager
* Registry Manager
* Registry Cleaner
* Registry Finder
* Registry Find and Replace
* Registry Monitor
* Registry Compactor and more...

General Release Notes:

* You can now start to translate the English.lng, please send all translations to: files@macecraft.com
* This version still lacks a few new icons (for example to the new One Click Cleaner).
* This version does not run under any Win9x system, such as Windows 95, 98, 98 SE nor ME. The program doesn't start due to a missing NT-only DLL file.
* This version does not contain the Disk Defragmenter as it doesn't yet perform as well as it should, it will be included to the product with later update.
* This version contains the new registry cleaner engine and new user interface for the Registry Cleaner, please be careful with it!

Download: jv16 PowerTools 2007 RC1 shareware
Link: Get jv16 PowerTools 2007 License For Free
Link: Macecraft Home Page

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