Kaspersky working with Apple to make OS X safer (Update: sort of)

Remember Kaspersky accusing Apple of being 10 years behind Microsoft when it comes to security? Well, they've decided to do something about it: according to Computing.co.uk, Kaspersky is working with Apple (at Apple's request!) to make OS X a more secure OS.

Kaspersky CTO Nikolai Grebennikov told Computing that they've been painstakingly analyzing OS X for security flaws. “Mac OS is really vulnerable, and Apple recently invited us to improve its security. We've begun an analysis of its vulnerabilities, and the malware targeting it.”

Even though they're actively working with Apple now – no doubt for a hefty sum -, the folks at Kaspersky still have some harsh words for whoever is in charge of Apple's security. “Our first investigations show Apple doesn't pay enough attention to security. For example, Oracle closed a vulnerability in Java, which was a target for a major botnet several months ago.”

The fact is that any OS, no matter who makes it, and no matter how seriously they take security, is vulnerable in one way or another. A lot of Apple's apparent malware resistance has as much to do with their obscurity as with their efforts at building a secure OS, and that obscurity is rapidly fading now that the word's out. And yes, the same can be said of Linux, too.

Computing also points out that Kaspersky has finally fulfilled their longtime dream of working with Apple; last year, Grebennikov told them that he was considered about the security of iOS, and Apple's ability to keep it locked down on their own. He also said that he expected to see malware targetting Apple's mobile devices within about a year. Of course, that was a year ago...

Update 5/15/12: Grebennikov has clarified his statements with Computing, stating that Kaspersky was analyzing OS X independently, but that Apple has been receptive to working with them to patch whatever holes they find in OS X.

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