Kevin Rose: iPhone 3.0 to have copy and paste

With more rumors and news coming down the pipes it is hard to distinguish between fact and fiction with unofficial iPhone announcements. According to Kevin Rose, the iPhone 3.0 will be able to copy and paste. The Diggnation event in Austin, Texas was the meeting grounds for Kevin Rose to confirm the iPhone 3.0 firmware will include copy and paste.

Other rumors about requested features in the 3.0 firmware including background applications, recorded video support and MMS were all confirmed that they will not be in the 3.0 firmware release.

The announcement also said that Apple will bring the iPhone to the Palm Pre level to rival the competition. During the announcement, it was mentioned that what apple has planned will wipe away any advantages that the Palm Pre holds over the iPhone.

More news about the iPhone 3.0 firmware is to be released this Tuesday March 17, 2009 in an event from Apple to showcase the new 3.0 firmware. No mention of a new iPhone was mentioned during the Diggnation announcement.

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