Klompenboard v0.1.5.0

Klompenboard is a bulletin board, or 'forum', written in PHP with a MySQL backend. Klompenboard's big difference, compared to other forumsoftware, is its size and the way it behave's itself by making less query's, reducing the pageloading time and its smaller usage of bandwidth.


190kb of free webspace

PHP 4.0.5 or higher

MySQL 3.23.38 or higher

An FTP client or other upload interface

What is new in version

  • Added a category/forum sorting script/page to the admin cp (category's/fora are now sortable)

  • Removed a bug which ''jammed'' the deletion of category's with identical names (also removed 2 minor bugs)

  • Improved the forum and category administration script (efficiëncy level up)

  • Users cookie names are now taken from the database (regged-name) instead of being taken from their login name

  • The ''board logo'' (picture) can now be set from the layout panel (admin cp) (pic needs to be located in the img folder)

  • The quote table attributes can now be edited from the layout panel (admin cp)

  • Removed 2 bugs from the member pages

Download: Request Klompenboard version

View: Klompenboard website

News source: Betaresource

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