Latest No Man's Sky update delivers giant mech suits to players

The most recent No Man's Sky major update involved hatching organic ships from eggs to cultivate and finally fly them as new starships that are fully sentient. Today's update delivers another type of vehicle, but doesn't go that far into the weird territory. The No Man's Sky Exo Mech update brings players massive exoskeletons that can be driven and flown around in planets.

Named Minotaurs, these mechs arrive bearing the valuable ability of being immune to planetary hazards like extreme temperatures and radiation. Another perk is that these mechs have jetpacks for easier terrain navigation. Players can also summon them to wherever they are on a planet from their freighters. See the trailer above to get a grasp of what these new mechs bring to the game.

Of course, as with everything No Man's Sky offers, the mechs are fully drivable in virtual reality as well, featuring a 360-degree cockpit for VR headset owners to utilize on PC and PlayStation 4.

Meanwhile, other features in this update include solar panels for Exocrafts, cloaking units for hiding power lines, graphics improvements, and plenty of bug fixes. See the full patch notes on the No Man's Sky Exo Mech update's landing page here. The game is also discounted by 50% across all platforms this week, giving interested players a chance to jump in.

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