LED light bulb, 7.5 watts and it lasts 10 years

The ordinary light bulb in your house consumes around 60 watts depending on the application. C. Crane Company is hoping to change that with their newly announced LED light bulb dubbed GeoBulb that uses only 7.5 watts of power while providing the same output as a traditional 60 watt light bulb.

Unfortunately, like most new technologies, the GeoBulb does not come cheap with a price tag of $120.00 it will take some time before the GeoBulb or any other LED based light bulb will receive mass market adoption. Like any other new technology the price should drop dramatically as the bulb is produced in larger quantities and as the manufacturing process gets refined.

The GeoBulb is expected to last 10 years and provides an eco-friendly option to other light bulbs that may contain mercury. It may not be cheap to go green this year but in the near future, hopefully, all of our light bulbs will be LED based.

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