Looking to improve its server wardrobe, Microsoft teams up with Docker

Microsoft is putting on its open source pants today by announcing that it has teamed up with Docker, not Dockers, to bring the open source technology to a future release of the Windows Server. What this means is that, for the first time, customers will be able to create Docker container-based applications that leverage Windows Server in addition to Linux.

This is the next step in Microsoft's commitment to showing the world that it is embracing open source technologies along side its own proprietary applications. If you were not aware, Azure has been offering up open source technologies for some time and Docker is the latest addition to their portfolio of features.

Key components of the partnership include:

  • Docker Engine, the open source runtime that builds, runs and orchestrates containers, will work with the next release of Windows Server. In addition, Docker Engine images for Windows Server will be available in the community-driven Docker Hub. This will help drive greater developer agility by making some of the best images for Windows Server and Linux available.
  • Docker Hub will also integrate into Microsoft Azure directly through the Azure Management Portal and Azure Gallery. This will allow cloud developers to drive rapid innovation on both Windows Server and Linux.
  • Microsoft has also announced its contribution to Docker’s open orchestration APIs, ensuring portability for multi-container applications. For the first time, developers will be able to directly work with a pre-configured Docker Engine in Azure to create a multi-container Dockerized application.
  • The Docker Engine for Windows Server will be developed under the aegis of the Docker open source project, where Microsoft plans to participate as an active community member.

Microsoft isn't giving a specific date about when the next version of Windows Server will be available and is instead saying "a preview of container capabilities coming in Windows Server will be available in the coming months".

If you want to read more about the new partnership, make sure to hit the source link below.

Source: Microsoft | Image Credit: Shutterstock - Close up of Servers

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