Lumia 800 update to be released soon

Nokia's Lumia 800 smartphone may have launched on Wednesday but the wireless phone maker is already prepping for the device's first over-the-air software update. reports that the update, among other things, is designed to fix a battery problem that has been seen when the Lumia 800 is fully charged. Some of the phone's owners might see some improvements in the Lumia 800's battery life after the update is installed. There's no word on how bad the battery issues are with the phone nor how much improvement will be provided with this new update.

In addition to fixing the battery issues, the Lumia 800 update will also offer users the latest version of Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system. The new update will bring the OS up to 7.10.7740. That particular update was sent out to a number of other Windows Phone devices on Wednesday. The Lumia 800 will now benefit from the two bug fixes that are a part of this update. One resolves an issue with Microsoft Exchange Server 2003 and the other fixes a bug that centers on voicemail notifications.

It is also being reported that a new firmware update for the phone came directly from Nokia this week that added a number of new applications directly into the phone's read-only memory. They include apps like British Airways, eBay, Ministry of Sound, Sky News and TripAdvisor.

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