Mad Fellows developer tired of the constant hate the Xbox platform gets from the community

During an interview with This Gen Gaming, developer of the critically acclaimed Aaero game that launched on Xbox One, PC and PlayStation 4 discussed his experience developing for these platforms, and his opinions on the current state of the gaming community.

Paul Norris discussed how he felt that the Xbox platform has received an unnecessary amount of 'hate' and, that he couldn't take the constant backlash against everything that Microsoft attempted to do, in an answer relating to the upcoming Xbox One X:

"[...] I understand that people have criticisms but, to be completely honest, I’m tired of every announcement having a swath of negative backlash. The guys I play online with (and watch E3 keynotes with) decided long ago that we’d just get excited [about] stuff that looked cool and if we didn’t like something we’d just let it go. The console wars are hell, man. We’re never going back there! [...]"

However, not all of the criticisms are unfounded. The Xbox One was launched with a number of issues that Microsoft quickly remedied, but it would seem that the community, for the most part, hasn't let go of this bad blood since 2013. Most recent complaints range from the upcoming Xbox One X being 'too expensive', according to an analyst, to the fact that games that launch on the system are not always optimized for 4K, even though Microsoft specifically pointed out that this was up to developers.

Norris also spoke about the possibility of Aaero being upgraded to 4K HDR on the new console, and he responded that it was 'on their to do list'.

Microsoft announced the new Xbox One X console at E3 this year, and it will launch on November 7. The console will feature a 4K-capable 6Tflop GPU amongst other high-end features and will retail for $499. Some 80 titles have already been rumored or confirmed to support the upcoming console to some degree.

Source: This Gen Gaming

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