Making Xbox Live a Friendlier Place

If you're anything like me, you can only stomach so many immature racial slurs and homophobic comments when it comes to playing lengthy matches on Xbox Live. Sure, we all dish out our fair share of trash talking, which is all well and good, but there are limits, and I find that more often than not they are crossed freely. That said, GameSpy has an interesting write-up that could potentially make your Xbox Live experience more enjoyable.

"Try congratulating people for a job well done. We've all been killed by someone who does something amazing to get the job done (or maybe they're just plain better than you). Have you ever considered giving them kudos? A simple "Hey, man, that was a nice shot" or "Damn, I didn't even see you coming" will suffice. A lot of people won't even congratulate their own teammates for helping them to win the game, which amazes me. Instead, they'll spend the last few minutes chewing someone out for not letting them get the energy sword at the start of the match or something equally inane. It's ridiculous. Congratulating an opponent for a nice kill or mad skillz will invariably help to get the goodwill ball rolling."

For more, check out the full article.

News source: GameSpy

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