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Mega pledges to offer more password options

Kim Dotcom's new Mega file sharing website has been up and running for a few days now. Dotcom said the service had 1 million registered users in its first day but he has since stayed silent on how many more people have signed up for Mega.

Now the site has been taken to task by some websites for what they call poor password security measures. A new entry on the Mega blog tries to answer those critics, while also promising to add more features sometime in the future.

Mega's security resides on the servers of the service itself; the user has a password but that password is not stored on their client PC. However, Ars Technica pointed out that there is currently no way to change a person's password, which in theory means that hackers could guess what a particular password is and therefore have unlimited access to a Mega user account.

Mega points out that common sense would seem to suggest people should use very unique passwords when establishing a Mega account. However, the blog added it plans to offer some kind of password recovery and change feature in the future. It has also said it plans to allow users to add as much entropy manually as they want before generating a key.

So, if you are still on the fence in terms of wanting to use Mega, even with its free 50 GB of space, you might want to wait until the password recovery features are added.

Source: Mega | Image via Mega

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