Microsoft adds better API reference search features to Bing

Most of the time, Microsoft's announcements about adding new features to Bing concern the regular web user - improvements to help them to find information more easily on, say, Las Vegas or Star Wars Episode VII.. Today, Microsoft announced a new change in how Bing displays search results that was made for a very specific audience: computer programmers.

The official Bing blog states that the search site now offers API reference information directly in the search results when someone types in a specific search string for such an item. You can see an example of how this new system works in the screenshot above, where searching for "DataContract Serializer" brings up information in the results such as the .NET versions that are supported, portions of the code that help explain the syntax of the DataContract Serializer class and much more.

Microsoft says this new Bing feature should help programmers save time when they are trying to find references to code versus just clicking on links to the company's MSDN site. It adds, "Whether they’re looking for syntax, availability, support versions or guidelines, being able to quickly reference API information is essential to getting the job done."

Source: Bing | Image via Microsoft

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