Microsoft delivers Firefox with Bing

Microsoft and Mozilla have teamed up this time around to deliver a new version of Firefox that incorporates Bing as the default search engine rather than Google. This new version is simply called “Firefox with Bing”, and is available to download right now as a separate and complete installer.

Firefox with Bing has been created so that people can use the popular web browser and Bing together without having to take extra steps, according to the Bing Search Blog. Firefox with Bing sets up the homepage as Bing, and also includes Bing as the default search engine in both the search box and AwesomeBar.

When you get the latest version of Mozilla Firefox with Bing, you're bringing the ability to help make informed decisions right to your browsing experience. Whatever you're looking for, from where to go to what to do, Bing helps make decisions easier.

Despite this partnership with Firefox looking like a good idea, it’s very easy to get Bing on a normal Google-filled installation of Firefox by just downloading the Bing Search for Firefox add-on. You would have to wonder just how many people will download the add-on over the new standalone application.

Nevertheless, if you desire painless Bing integration with Firefox, you can download a copy right now from their new Firefox with Bing website.

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