Microsoft Details Xbox One Achievement Changes

Frustrated with your console game due to a never ending list of achievements to be completed? Worry not, Microsoft is here. In a conversation with OXM, Chad Gibson, Xbox Live's project manager, revealed new information about the Xbox One and its achievement system.

Currently game developers can choose to add new achievement's to their games via DLC, making it hard to finish a game already bought and paid for without spending more money. Gamers have complained about this for years, and now Microsoft has finally stepped in to lend a hand.

Chad revealed during his chat that the Xbox One achievement system would be significantly different from that of the 360's. Previously, the achievements in the game were static unless activated via DLC, what you saw as what you got, now developers are able to use the Microsoft's cloud servers to code achievements to appear after certain in game events. If they don’t want to do this, they can take the route of updating weekly, monthly or quarterly using the cloud servers. This provides extended enjoyment for gamers as games are expected to be supported throughout their life cycle, typically meaning about a year and a half.

Responding to a question about whether a company or developer could just spam achievements to make their game look more attractive to hardcore gamers by providing more points, Gibson comments that if that happens Microsoft would get involved. He goes on to say:

 ... we still have policies for developers to make sure that things don't get out of control. Like, we do not want a game offering 10,000 Gamerscore every day. We still have policies, so that user experiences are rational - users have an opportunity to complete everything without feeling constantly overwhelmed.

Again, it appears Microsoft is indeed listening and incorporating user feedback into it's products as we can see with the Xbox One, Windows 8.1 and Joe Belfiore's comments. If this is true, it is indeed a further step in the right direction for Redmond and perhaps may lead to more much needed positive PR.

Source: The Official XBOX Magazine

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