Microsoft Ends Windows NT Workstation Support

Time is running out for Windows NT 4 Workstation. After Monday Microsoft won't be taking support calls for the venerable operating system.

Part of the put-out-to-pasture plan that Microsoft calls Support Lifecycle -- where aging products go through a several-step process of increasingly-diminished support options -- the move means NT 4.0 Workstation users can turn only to the self-help online support for problem solving as of July 1.

NT 4.0 Server has a longer grace period, thanks to a Microsoft decision in January to extend telephone support and continue to issue security and bug fixes. NT 4.0 Server's drop-dead deadline is now Dec. 31, 2003.

The demise of 'Extended' support for NT 4.0 Workstation means that Microsoft's officially labeling the seven-year-old OS as obsolete. Users will no longer be able to call the pay-as-you-go help desk, nor will the operating system be patched if future bugs and security gaffes surface.

The next Microsoft operating system on the block will be Windows 98. As of Jan. 16, 2004, the now-five-year-old OS will be laid to rest.

Tuesday, however, also marks a milestone for Windows 98. As of July 1, no-charge assisted support for the OS disappears. For-fee support continues for another six-and-a-half months.

News source: CRN - Microsoft Ends Windows NT Workstation Support

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