Microsoft exec slams low Google+ interaction rate

There's been some talk that Google+, the much maligned social networking service from Google, is actually starting to gain more and more users and might become a serious competitor to Facebook. Today, an executive at Microsoft downplayed Google+ in a new interview.

TechRadar chatted with Microsoft's corporate vice president for corporate communications Frank Shaw, who stated:

If I'm going to have a party with my Facebook friends, it looks like a lot of fun. I have a lot of Facebook friends. And then a party with my Google+ friends, I could probably have in a rowboat…

The Google+ comments come as part of an overall chat about Microsoft's business. Shaw doesn't really reveal anything new in the interview, other than some hints that its Bing service is going to be launching some new features that are "interesting and provocative". He added, "2013 is going to be a big year. Yes, we shipped a bunch of stuff in 2012 but there's more coming."

Shaw also offers some some very broad suggestions for the future of Windows 8 updates, saying that the company is " .. committed to building not just for the next month but for the next 18 months, 36 months - whatever the time is on this new platform."

The rivalry with Google will also continue and Shaw admits that in the search businesses, Microsoft and Bing are the "underdogs". He added, " ... you have to break through against people who use the other guy. And to do that have to say why you are different and why you are better."

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