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Microsoft files defense document in antitrust case

Microsoft on Monday laid out its defense in the antitrust case pursued by nine states, arguing that the states are entitled to no penalties stricter than those the company agreed to in its settlement with the federal government last year.

The Microsoft document, well over 500 pages, summarizes the points the company made in two months of testimony and arguments earlier this year. It is the last step before closing arguments in the case, scheduled for June 19.

"Today's court filing details the strong record we built during trial and provides evidence that supports our main arguments: that the states' remedy is unworkable, would cause great harm to the PC ecosystem, would hurt consumers and is hopelessly vague and ambiguous," Microsoft spokesman Jim Desler said in a statement.

As a matter of law, Microsoft argues that the states do not have the legal standing to demand any remedies at all. But "in the interests of maintaining uniformity," the company's lawyers wrote, the federal settlement should be entered as an alternative judgment.

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly, who will decide this case as well as the federal settlement, has not made a ruling on the states' right to sue. She also has not indicated whether she will approve the federal deal.

News source: The Nando Times - Microsoft files defense document in antitrust case

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