Microsoft gamifies the Xbox One Preview program

You can bet users in the Preview program are excited to get new features

The Xbox One Preview program has arguably been a great success for Microsoft. Users have bug tested and provided feedback on all the monthly updates that the console is receiving, and as such the experience keeps constantly improving.

Fans are happy with this and so is Microsoft, and the company has now elected to make the Preview program a bit more interesting. Starting today users enrolled in the program will be able to track their Preview stats, meaning they’ll receive a certain number of points for each piece of feedback.

You can receive points for filling out the surveys, providing feedback, answering the quick poll and finishing quests. And don’t worry, all the work you’ve done until now has already been counted. Once you have enough points you level up.

What does this actually get you? Well not much yet. When you level up you get a new image that shows how high-up you are on the food chain, and you can also compare your stats to those of your friends or other members of the community. The interesting part may come later as Major Nelson mentions special offers for Preview program members that we’ll see in the near future.

Sure this isn’t major news but it’s obvious Microsoft is embracing the whole feedback game, and the company wants to make sure its fans keep sending it to them. As for the big picture, you can take a look at what the company is doing with Windows 10, Windows Phone, and the Xbox and it becomes pretty obvious this is a new Microsoft.

Source: Major Nelson

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