Microsoft gave all Adobe MAX attendees a free Surface Pro 3

There is an old saying that "If you build it, they will come"; a modern adaption of that is "If you give it to them, they will hopefully develop for it". Microsoft has taken this message to heart and if you have ever attended a BUILD conference you will know that the company loves to hand out 'free' hardware even if the cost of entry to the event is quite expensive.

For those who are attending Adobe's MAX conference this week, Microsoft is handing out a free Surface Pro 3 to those who bought tickets. For those who are not familiar with the conference, the event is taking place this week and focuses on the creation of digital content, photography, video editing and everything else you can do with Adobe's creative suite of applications. 

From Microsoft's perspective, it makes sense to court this crowd considering that they are now pushing Adobe CC on it's Pro 3 and if they can get the creative types behind the device, it stands a good chance at seeing wider market adoption.

This is yet another way Microsoft is using its marketing muscle to get its goods in the hands of influential groups. Microsoft recently signed a deal with the NFL that now has the Surface Pro 3 front and center in all aspects of that professional organization.

Source: Twitter

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