Microsoft is seemingly replacing Surface Pro 4 devices affected by a firmware update

In July of this year, the Surface Pro 4 got a long list of firmware updates alongside the Surface Laptop. Those updates weren't too well-received, though, as it only took a few weeks for users to start seeing major problems with their devices, including displays that didn't respond to touch input. Five months later, it seems like things haven't gotten much better, so Microsoft is apparently offering replacement displays for those affected.

WindowsUnited reached out to Microsoft's customer support in Germany to provide details about the issue, including error code 10, which was also spotted when these display problems were first reported. During the conversation, the support representative said that the reason for the problems wasn't known, but that it was caused by an update, and that the device would be replaced, but that the customer would have to send in the broken one.

It's important to note that, according to the report, this will work even outside the warranty period, as the device, in this case, is over three years old. Of course, without an official announcement by Microsoft in regards to the problem, it's possible that your experience will vary, but if you're suffering from these issues, it may be worth reaching out to Microsoft's customer service.

Source: WindowsUnited via Windows Central

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