Microsoft launches new tool making it easier to ditch the Mac and switch to Surface [Update]

Update: Microsoft has apparently pulled the Mac to Surface Assistant, as the download link no longer works. It's possible that Microsoft is preparing to make a formal announcement about its release at a later date, but we'll have to wait and see.

The original article follows below:

Microsoft has quietly introduced a new tool designed to make it easier for Mac users to ditch their Apple devices, and switch to one of Microsoft's Surface machines instead, taking all of their files with them in the process.

The enigmatic, all-knowing WalkingCat (@h0x0d) spotted the new Mac to Surface Assistant, but Microsoft does not appear to have made any kind of announcement regarding its availability.

When you run the new migration tool on your Mac, it explains its purpose rather succinctly: "Use Mac to Surface Assistant to transfer information (documents, photos, movies and music) from this Mac to your Surface."

Microsoft's Surface Studio all-in-one PC, which it launched last year, directly targeted Apple's core market of creative professionals, and won high praise from sites like 9to5Mac. Last December, Microsoft claimed that "more people are switching from Macs to Surface than ever before", so the company is evidently eager to support those buyers making the jump to its devices.

After it announced its Surface Book 2-in-1 in October 2016, Microsoft launched a 'Mac to Surface Book' website, offering guides to help users considering the switch.

Download: Microsoft Mac to Surface Assistant via WalkingCat (@h0x0d) /

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