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Microsoft may not offer you Windows 11 if you use Internet Explorer [Updated]

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Microsoft notified Windows 10 users about a new known issue that may prevent some customers from updating to Windows 11. The bug affects those sticking to good-old Internet Explorer and unwilling to jump-ship to Edge.

According to the official Windows 11 Health Dashboard documentation, Microsoft placed an update block for some Internet Explorer users. The company says data from the browser may not be accessible after upgrading to Windows 11 if the user did not accept the prompt to import the browsing data to Edge before installing the new OS.

Microsoft is currently working on fixing the bug that can cause potential data loss. The company says the upcoming patch will allow Windows 10 users to update and restore inaccessible data for those already updated to Windows 11. Meanwhile, Internet Explorer users who want to embrace Windows 11 can bypass the update block by importing data from Internet Explorer to Microsoft Edge.

The problem with Internet Explorer is currently the only known issue preventing Windows 10 users from updating to Windows 11. Several days ago, Microsoft fixed one of the long-standing bugs breaking virtual machines after installing Windows 11.

The software giant recently published a reminder about the impending death of Internet Explorer. Microsoft wants everyone to ditch the former king of the browser market in favor of a more modern Edge with a dedicated IE mode (learn more about using IE mode in Edge here). To keep former Internet Explorer users happy, Microsoft constantly improves IE mode in Edge and adds new features, such as bidirectional cookie sharing.

Microsoft plans to sunset Internet Explorer and stop supporting the browser on June 15, 2022. IE mode in Edge, on the other hand, will remain supported at least until 2029.

Update: Microsoft says updating Edge to version 99 will lift the upgrade block and restore the missing data on systems with Windows 11.

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