Microsoft mice and keyboards. Tilt...

Software or in this case hardware firm Microsoft has never been shy about introducing new keyboard and mouse technology to the general public. Off the top of my head, it put out the first PC mouse, the first mass produced ergonomic keyboard, and the first scroll wheel mouse. Innovation at MS hardware is quite real. Recently, they made a lot of noise about the new Tilt Wheel technology, basically a scroll wheel that also rocks side to side for horizontal scrolling. This one could be very good or very bad, the only way to find out is to try it.

Late last week, MS sent me a Wireless Optical Desktop Elite, the keyboard and mouse combo, both of which have the tilt wheel. It seems both MS and Logitech have run out of adjectives to describe keyboards, and have come to the conclusion that Elite is the new word to sell product. The keyboard and mouse are both that grey/black/silver color combination that has become so trendy, the look is clean and neat. To top it off, the keys are semi-transparent grey plastic, so you can see some of the mechanicals below. I like it.

News source: The Inquirer

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