Microsoft .NET Awards

In a move which is sure to promote early adoption of Web services, Microsoft today announced the .NET Best Student Awards 2001, a contest for North American college and university students. The contest challenges students to develop new XML services based on the .NET platform, and will award over $60,000 USD in cash and prizes. The awards are meant to recognize student developers who innovate with XML, SOAP, WSDL and UDDI - the core protocols behind Microsoft's .NET initiative.

To enter, individuals or teams of up to four must simply submit an idea for a new XML Web service centered on the .NET platform by December 31. According to Microsoft, up to 100 semifinalists "will be selected based on the strength of their proposal. Students are encouraged to submit a complete description of their proposed Web service, including the real-world problem to be solved, the end users to be targeted, and the technologies to be used. Semifinalists will receive server space, tools and support to enable them to build their Web service. Final entries will be due by March 15, 2002."

To submit a contest application, students can visit the .NET Best Student Awards 2001 at MSDN Academic Alliance. Non-students may enter the Microsoft .NET Best Awards 2001, a worldwide contest awarding over $400,000 USD in cash and prizes.

News source: Betanews

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