Microsoft Paint time-lapse makes our paint skills look inferior

Microsoft Paint is one of the company’s oldest applications. The product first shipped with Windows 1.0 but it was a licensed version of the application at that time; with Windows 95, Microsoft introduced a new, homegrown, version of paint.

Since Windows 95, the Paint application has been sparingly updated. Even though the application is a basic painting tool, that doesn’t mean you can’t create some awesome artwork. Sure, the Adobe Creative suite certainly eclipses Paint but hey, it’s the holidays and when someone can whip up a damn good Santa Claus in a decades old application, we thought we would share it.

The video above comes from YouTube and shows Santa Clause being created in a time-lapse video that totaled more than 9 hours of screen recording.

The final video shows an incredibly well done image of Santa Claus made entirely in Paint and makes watching the 2-minute long video worth your time.

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