Microsoft Pix can now recognize documents like Office Lens

Today, Microsoft announced an update for its Pix Camera app on iOS, which allows it to automatically recognize documents, whiteboards, and business cards. It's similar to how the company's Office Lens app works, except Pix is also a regular camera app.

Another advantage that Pix Camera has over Office Lens is that Pix actually supports the dual-lens camera in the iPhone 7 Plus, which offers an optical zoom of 2X, meaning that you don't lose quality. Still, Microsoft says that the two applications serve different purposes, saying the following:

The two applications are complementary. Office Lens remains the best tool to easily integrate productivity images across the suite of Office products, while Microsoft Pix is out front pushing the boundaries of using AI to take better pictures of everything from a snapshot of your kid in new sneakers to the whiteboard in your morning meeting. The research thrust behind Microsoft Pix informs innovation across apps, including Office Lens.

In other words, you still won't be able to import the documents that you scan with Pix into Word or OneNote.

You should also be able to add effects to the documents that you scan with Pix. For example, you can add lines to a whiteboard, making it look like a piece of notebook paper.

Microsoft Pix Camera is only available for iOS, and you can find it in the App Store here.

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