Microsoft posts teaser video for tomorrow's Lumia event

We know Microsoft has something special planned for tomorrow with the company unveiling their brand new, self-branded smartphone. And just to whet your appetite, Microsoft has posted another teaser.

Unfortunately nothing really obvious stands out – this is supposed to be a teaser after all – though it does look like the company may have more than one hardware announcement tomorrow.

As for the handset itself, the most likely candidate seems to be the rumored Lumia 1330, images of which have just leaked online. Looking at the headphone jack placement we see an uncanny similarity between Microsoft's video and the leaked images. The Lumia 1330 made an appearance earlier as a second Microsoft-branded Lumia in a leaked image.

The Lumia 535, which we’ve seen pop up recently, is also likely to make an appearance though that's obviously a much m,ore budget friendly handset than the giant phablet. w

Either way, it’s extremely unlikely we’ll see a new high-end handset before the end of the year as the company is currently focusing on the mid to low-end, where Windows Phone is seeing the most success.

What do you folks think? Is a mid or low-end handset enough or would you be way more interested in a top of the line contender?

Editor's Note: This article was slightly modified from its original version to include the extra new info about the rumored Lumia 1330. Update II: The leaked Lumia 1330 images turned out to be fake.

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