Microsoft releases special Walking Dead TV commercial for Windows

This weekend, the Windows 8 Walking Dead Story Sync app appeared in the Windows Store, which also showed pictures of the making of the latest Walking Dead-themed commercial for Windows. Now that the season premiere of our favorite zombie apocalypse show has debuted, Microsoft has uploaded the ad shown during the episode to YouTube.

The clip continues the storyline from the two previous Walking Dead ads, with the young couple who got together thanks to the show and their use of Windows 8. The new commercial shows that the two love-birds are moving in together, with the man using a Lenovo Yoga notebook-tablet PC, running Windows 8.1, to Skype his girlfriend.

He walks down to the basement carrying a storage box but then trips and falls to the bottom of the stairs. He then sees what he thinks is a zombie coming to eat him, and freaks out, but it turns out it's just a cardboard cut-out. His girlfriend, naturally, appears at the top of the stairs and takes a picture of this funny moment with her Nokia Lumia 1020 Windows Phone. 

It remains to be seen if Microsoft will spend any more money on these commercials that will only be shown during one TV show, but The Walking Dead consistently get huge ratings which means a guaranteed high audience for these custom ads.

Source: Windows on YouTube

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