Microsoft slams Android on Twitter; response is mixed

It's no secret that Google's Android is the most popular smartphone operating system worldwide. It's also known that Android smartphones seems to be more susceptible to getting hit with malware-based apps. This week, Microsoft decided to take this Android malware issue head on via its official Windows Phone Twitter account.

The message asks people who own Android phones to go on their Twitter account and post up their own issues with Android malware, with the hashtag "DroidRage". It adds that Microsoft "may have a get-well present" for some of the "best/worst" stories.

The response so far has been mixed. Some people took the campaign to heart and talked about their own issues with Android smartphones, such as the one below.

Other Twitter users have not been so kind to Microsoft's latest Windows Phone marketing efforts. Indeed, many people are now posting messages with the #windowsrage hashtag. Some of these particular post have taken the time to slam other Microsoft products outside of Windows Phone. Others have issues with Windows Phone itself, such as the post below

Source: Windows Phone on Twitter

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