Microsoft Teams will soon get Breakout Rooms improvements and better bandwidth management

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Microsoft is working on a bunch of new features that will allow users to have better controls over the Breakout Rooms feature that was introduced to the platform last year.

The Redmond giant recently updated its roadmap webpage with new entries pointing at the upcoming improvements to the Breakout Rooms feature. Firstly, Microsoft is working adding extended management support to Breakout Rooms. The feature will allow an organiser to extend the management of Breakout Rooms to specific presenters. This should be great for an office setting where multiple people present during the course of the meeting and may require controls to Breakout Rooms. Not only that, but Microsoft is also working on UX improvements that will help organisers with the management, sorting and assignment of participants. Both the features are expected to roll out to Teams users in June 2021.

Furthermore, Microsoft is also working on support for pre-meeting Breakout Rooms creation. This will allow an organiser to assign participants to Breakout Rooms before the start of the meeting. The feature is expected to roll out to Teams users in May 2021.

Lastly, Microsoft is working on improving the bandwidth limit feature. The company recently added support for bandwidth management to Teams allowing users to use less data if they are on a metered connection. The company is now working on a feature that will allow admins to manage bandwidth for the organisations. Microsoft notes, the feature is intended for people who travel to locations with limited connectivity. As the feature relies on geo location data, the bandwidth limit will be applied only when a user is in a certain location. Microsoft is planning to rollout roaming bandwidth control to Teams users in May 2021.

Apart from the aforementioned features, Microsoft is also working with third-parties to make electronic attestation easier as well as add support for replies to individual messages. Moreover, the company will soon allow users to lock meetings, set Breakout Room timers and more. Microsoft has also added multiple new entries to Microsoft 365 Roadmap that are aimed at improving the polls feature by using AI and the company is working on letting users spotlight up to seven users and translate PowerPoint slideshows.

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