Microsoft to provide details on Windows 8 app store on Dec 6

If you have been salivating to find out more about Microsoft's upcoming Windows 8 app store, you will not have to wait much longer. Mary-Jo Foley has posted up that Microsoft will be holding an event on December 6 to discuss the new store and all the good things that will come with it.

Interesting, but probably coincidentally, the event is the same day as the update for the Xbox 360. Microsoft has not said much about the new store other than that it will be the only way to get Metro styled apps and that there will be trial apps as well.

While Microsoft may be late to the OS app store, as Apple has already incorporated the feature, it will allow the company to perfect the model. Being late to the party is not always a bad thing, but you can be sure that many will scream that Microsoft is once again copying Apple, even though the Marketplace long existed before Apple's App store. 

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