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Microsoft to Reveal Windows Code, UPDATED

Microsoft will reveal hundreds of pieces of proprietary computer code from its monopoly Windows operating system in the next several weeks to comply with an antitrust settlement it signed with the US Justice Department last year, the company said on Monday.

The software giant said the disclosures are part of its first steps to comply with the settlement that must still be approved by a federal judge and is still opposed by nine state attorneys general seeking stiffer sanctions.

Microsoft said it plans to disclose 385 bits of computer code and internal operating rules, previously kept secret, that outside software developers can use to write programs to run on Windows.

"With these new (disclosures), software developers will have additional development choices in designing their Windows programs," the company said in a statement.

Microsoft said in addition to 272 pieces of code it also would reveal 113 proprietary software "protocols" that computer server makers can license to make their machines work better with Windows desktops.

In a conference call with reporters, the company said new, uniform terms for the licensing of Windows went into effect Aug 1. The terms would apply to the top 20 computer makers and be offered to other manufacturers as well.

Microsoft also said upcoming updates of the new Windows XP operating system will allow computer makers and consumers to add and remove access to some Windows features such as Microsoft's Internet Explorer, Windows media player, and Outlook Express.

News source: Reuters

View: Microsoft Press Release - Microsoft Settlement Program Milestones August 2002 (Thanks go to prasanth from our Back Page News Forum)

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