Microsoft Unveils New Tools to Fight Security Threats

Speaking yesterday at the Black Hat Security Conference in Las Vegas, Microsoft has now introduced a new group of security related programs that share advanced information with partners about upcoming security threats.

As many in the tech industry know, within hours, and sometimes minutes of monthly security patches being released, exploits are already booming for the security holes fixed by these updates. The Microsoft Active Protections Program (MAPP) will allow security software providers to provide protection to their customers quickly and effectively.

"The introduction of these new programs helps address evolving online threats and provides more practical guidance to assess and manage risk," said Andrew Cushman, director of security response and outreach at Microsoft. "In the race between exploit and protection, Microsoft is committed to shifting the advantage to the security industry. The Microsoft Active Protections Program gives security software providers the information and resources they need to help better protect customers."

Along with the MAPP, Microsoft also plans to roll out its new Exploitability Index in October of 2008. The Exploitability Index will allow providers to determine what exploit is more dangerous and allow them to prioritize the security releases to their customers.

"As security threats become more sophisticated, the global security community must combine its resources and work together to provide maximum security protections to worldwide Internet users," said George Stathakopoulos, general manager of security engineering and communications at Microsoft. "No one organization can counter online attacks alone. Therefore, we must use the combined strength of the industry, partners, customers and public organizations to build a more secure environment for everyone."

With the release of MAPP and Exploitability Index, hopefully we'll see more computers protected in a quicker and more efficient method against the new threats that are emerging each day.

Link: Guest editorial by George Stathakopoulos
Link: BlackHat Security Conference

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