Microsoft: Vista upgrades for everybody!

Windows Vista is starting to look like those Persian rug stores which are always having a 'closing down' sale. 'Full' prices are set laughably high only to make you think you're getting an amazing discount, because no-one pays the marked price. All stock has been slashed, save $$$, why pay more?

The latest from Sultan Bill's House of Software is that anyone running any pre-release version of Vista code -- from the creaky Beta 2 to the slicker Release Candidate builds and assorted Customer Preview Program (CPP) editions -- is eligible for upgrade pricing on the full version of Vista.

It's the silver lining on the cloud for anyone still using pre-release code, which was made widely available during the long run-up to last year's launch of the uber-OS but stamped with a use-by date of May 31st, 2007.

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