Microsoft working on new online signup UI for various services

Microsoft may have just launched Office 365 Home Premium but the company is apparently planning to launch a new sign-up experience for the cloud-based service, as well as other online divisions, in the very near future for business and enterprise users.

The plans were revealed earlier this week via a post on the Windows Azure blog. The blog states:

Our redesign goals were to create a simple experience that’s optimized for modern devices, reduces the number of times users need to sign in, and provides the best possible experience across the many devices that you want to use.

The redesign is suppose to give users a "consistent and predictable" sign-in UI no matter what kind of device, platform or web browser they use to sign up for Office 365 and other services. It's also made to keep downloading high end files such as illustrations in the background so that users can sign in quicker. It will also let users stay signed on without having to constantly log in several times during the day.

People who want to go ahead and check out the new UI can go to Microsoft Online's website and click the opt-in button. You can also send feedback on the Windows Azure forums.

Source: Windows Azure blog | Image via Microsoft

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