Microsoft Working to Improve Office Search

Microsoft is working hard to improve the search technology present in Office. As we know Microsoft is developing a new search engine to compete with Google. So it's no surprise to see Microsoft improving the search technology in Office.

Microsoft Corp. is working to include newer search technology in its Office family of applications, group vice president Jeff Raikes said on Thursday. Microsoft, which is developing is own search technology to challenge No. 1 Web search provider Google Inc., is also working on ways to allow users to easily find information stored on hard drives, such as documents, e-mails and data files.

Google is also reportedly working on similar technology to allow faster and more relevant searches of information stored on personal computers. "We are collaborating together across groups," Raikes told a group of reporters, adding that existing search functions within Office programs were already advanced enough to deliver relevant information to users. Asked if the Office division, which Raikes oversees, was pursuing a specific search strategy, Raikes said that there was no specific effort, but that his group was working with Microsoft Research and other divisions to enhance information retrieval in Office.

News source: Reuters

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