Microsoft's latest Surface 2 promo plans for the future

Microsoft has been using the soft approach lately when trying to help promote and sell its Surface 2 tablets; last week, the company released a video that showed how a cupcake maker used the Windows RT device. This week, that trend continues as we see the Surface 2 being used by a professional wedding planner.

The Surface blog, and the new YouTube video, show how Ashlee Voda, a wedding planner based in Austin Texas, uses the Surface 2 for her needs. That includes typing data in an Excel spreadsheet while interviewing a happy couple, and then jumping quickly into Internet Explorer to show off pictures to that same pair.

The video also shows Ashlee taking pictures of a wedding cake with the Surface 2, writing notes in the OneNote app and even taking images of a possible wedding location and then marking some design changes with the display and a stylus.

All in all, this new way to help sell the Surface 2 to a non-tech savvy audience seems to be a step in the right direction. However, as we saw earlier today, Microsoft still can go into full attack mode in trying to compare its products with rivals like the iPad.

Source: Microsoft

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