Microsoft's new Surface Pro 3 videos highlight its best features

Microsoft's Surface Pro 3 went on sale a couple of weeks ago - or rather, certain versions of the new 12-inch tablet did, and only in the United States. Even so, the good news there is that the wait for those models not yet on sale will be shorter than originally expected, as Microsoft brought forward the release date in the US for the Core i7 and i3 models by a month. 

Microsoft is still refining its marketing message for the Pro 3 - with mixed results - and in addition to TV ads, its Surface channel on YouTube continues to be a source of video insights and information about the new device. Microsoft's Panos Panay recently appeared in a video there, to explain some of what sets the Surface Pro 3 apart from other devices on the market. 

In a further video released today, the company has delivered a more succinct overview of the device, quickly summarizing the most important features that the Pro 3 has to offer.

Using the now familiar slogan of "the tablet that can replace your laptop", it highlights the Pro 3's ultra-thin and light design; fourth-gen Intel Core processors; multi-stage kickstand; new Type Covers (including backlighting and color options); microSD reader; USB 3.0 port; optional Surface Docking Station; Snap view for side-by-side apps; and Office 2013, as well as focusing on the Surface Pen, including handwriting and drawing capabilities, and special OneNote functions. 

To put it simply, this video manages to capture everything that makes the Surface Pro 3 so awesome - and which we loved in our review of the device - in under 90 seconds. 

A second video posted today focuses more closely on the Pen, although while it successfully highlights the convenience of its OneNote and cloud integration, it's perhaps less impressive in that it shows all touch interactions on the screen using only the Pen itself. This could lead to some confusion among potential buyers, leading them to believe that the touchscreen works only with the stylus. 

Given their length, these ads are not destined to be broadcast on TV, but will likely be used via other media such as on Facebook and Twitter, as part of a broader effort to familiarise users with the Surface Pro 3.

What do you think of the new videos? Be sure to share your thoughts below!

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