Microsoft's ninja cat unicorn graphic has become a web sensation

A few weeks ago, Microsoft employees started flaunting a new sticker that is being distributed on campus. That sticker, a ninja cat riding a unicorn while waving a company flag, has been going viral on the web, and now there are even new wallpapers sporting the furry characters.

The stickers, shown below, are currently making its way across Microsoft's various divisions, and they are being distributed randomly in offices around its campus.

The stickers are proving to be quite popular and if you want to get your hands on one, your best bet is to make friends with an employee from Microsoft who may be able to snag one for you.

But if you don't want a sticker and can settle for a wallpaper, Michael Gillett has crafted a few for you that you can download from his OneDrive, here, which includes the classic Windows XP wallpaper you see at the top of this post, along with two more.

The graphic is proving to be quite popular, not only with Microsoft employees but with fans as well; we will be curious to see if the company puts this image on other items in the future.

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