Microsoft's RoomAlive concept brings dead space to life

Microsoft Research has churned out some interesting concepts in recent years that use projection and motion sensing technology to turn dead space into something of interest.  Now there's a new projection-based demo that Microsoft Research is showing off:  Titled RoomAlive, the project uses projectors to throw elements onto surfaces around a user and a Microsoft Kinect to track that user's reaction in the same space.

The RoomAlive prototype is basically augmented reality without wearable devices, such as Google Glass, and strives to be easy for users to setup and easy to interact with.  While the gaming applications are pretty obvious, the simple visual overlay applications are also quite impressive.  In the demo, projectors were used to place images around the room that sync perfectly with one another to create a seamless environmental experience (like a rainforest theme or holo-deck).

The technology is very reminiscent of Microsoft's IllumiRoom, which used projector technology and a Kinect to expand on-screen elements outside of the edges of your TV.  

Source: Projection Mapping Central

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