Microsoft's Your Phone Companion gets a new icon on Android

Microsoft announced an update to its Your Phone Companion app today with a new icon. The icon follows a similar design language to the new Office icons, a design language that we'll also see across the board from the company.

The new Office icons aren't broadly available just yet. Office 365 business customers are seeing them in the new Office app and on, but that's about it. This is really the first time that consumers are getting a taste of the new design.

Interestingly, Microsoft is actually testing out three versions of the new Your Phone Companion icon. Some users pointed out seeing different icons, and Director of Program Management for Your Phone Vishnu Nath tweeted the following:

While the Google Play Store does seem to be A/B testing different icons, installing the app actually seems to still offer the old icon, even if you install the beta version. Eventually, these new icons will be available across the board, but they're showing up very gradually.

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