Modder creates 23 inch Android tablet ... sort of

Wouldn't you like to use Google's Android operating system on a really, really big touch screen? A modder named Martin Drashhov has apparently done just that with a new creation that uses a 23 inch PC monitor with touch screen features. Somehow he managed to put the Android OS inside this screen. The result is what he is calling the Android MegaPad, which he says is "a prototype of a product I think will become a mainstream computing device in the next few years."

The modder posted up a video on YouTube that shows the MegaPad at work with two popular Android apps. One is Google Earth which is seen being manipulated with the touch screen. The responsiveness looks a bit laggy in the video but this is a port that was created inside a few weeks so it's still pretty impressive. The video also briefly shows the device playing the Android version of the popular arcade action game Fruit Ninja.

While Drashhov hasn't revealed how he made this mod (he does promise to give the technical details soon) he did say it was created via "off-the-shelf components in my kitchen for less than $600." He picked the Android OS because "its openness and flexibility make it the only modern touch-based OS that is able to be adapted for uses beyond what's currently available in the market." He also believes that such a device, if developed commercially, will allow for "simultaneous use by two users a practicality and will let users more fully immerse themselves in apps and games."

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