MSN 9 and Microsoft Money 2004 Revealed

Thanks very much to kidventus for submitting this

Today on MSN's Money Plus site MSN describes how users can upgrade to MSN 9 and Microsoft Money 2004 for synchronization purposes. It seems the page is a placeholder for things to come. Trying to upgrade to MSN 9 from the link within Internet Explorer or MSN 8.5 gives an error.

From this page it's obvious MSN 9 will debut sooner than we expected. MSN Explorer 9 is currently in internal alpha/beta testing and is expected to be announced within 2 weeks to the MSN Explorer 8 beta testers.

MSN Explorer 9 promises tighter intergration into Windows and a look at what might be coming with MSN Explorer 10 (x) for the next Windows Operating System, Longhorn.

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